About Me

I am a musician, performer and visual artist living in Dublin city. I’m trained as a classical pianist and singer, and I also play bass guitar, guitar and bodhrán.

I lived in Sydney, Australia for two years where I was a musician, singer and dancer in the children’s group ‘The Wiggles’. We toured the world bringing joy, laughter and great music to millions of pre-schoolers!

In Ireland I was a member of the choral group ‘Anúna’, and currently sing with ‘Anúna Corporate’. This group was founded in 1987 by Michael McGlynn to provide a physical voice for his many exquisite compositions. His songs explore the universal stories that are told through the landscape, philosophy and mythology of Ireland and beyond.

I also play (piano, vocals) with a band called the Sun Collective. We are an ensemble of freelance musicians based between Dublin and London. The musical arrangements explore popular acoustic music and ‘traditional’ instrumentation, using a delicate blend of indie vox over acoustic tone and stringed harmonies.

– Many thanks to Andy Osborn for helping me to create this beautiful website –